Saturday, October 11, 2008


The masculine name "Orlando" is Spanish in origin meaning "famous country." On the other hand, "Sol" is the Latin name of the sun, and the modern word for "sun" in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Icelandic , Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages. Photo above shows Orlando Sol, basking in all his glory, perfect for the summer heat.

Orlando Sol used to be known as Chomo Sol, a talented theater artist before joining the boy-band M-Gage. The 22-year-old native of Remedios T. Romualdez town in Agusan del Norte went to the Northern Mindanao College of Arts, Science and Technology in Cabadbaran, Agusan before transferring to Manila at the PMI Colleges. Orlando Sol was a revelation in the three-act Filipino pop musical Quiapo, where he played one of the male leads. Which means, guys, the kid's got talent. And sex appeal too. And the body....

It's that Christina Aguilera song Dirty ringing through when I see this photo: Oh, I'm overdue/ Give me some room/ I'm comin through/ Paid my dues/ In the mood../ Wanna get dirrty/ It's about time that I came to start the party/ Sweat dripping over my body/ Dancing getting just a little naughty/ Wanna get dirrty/ It's about time for my arrival. Orlando Sol is ready for the big-time as the 21-year-old member of the boy-group M-Gage has lately been getting noticed. With a solid background in theater plus a good singing voice, the boy's got talent to take him to greater heights. It's about time, really, for his arrival!

After the momentum gained by singer-theater actor Orlando Sol in a sexy magazine spread, nothing much has been heard about him. Too bad, because here's one talented 22-year-old: he is a member of the boy band M-Gage [which means he can carry a tune fully well] and he was a member of a theater group [which means he can act]. Of course, Orlando Sol is utterly sexy with a lot of promise. Remember those hot buns?

I confess a predilection for models of the Chinese-looking or dark-skinned [bordering on the nigrescent] varieties. As I've had my post recently on the former [see Ernesto Calopez ], here's another example within the other spectrum of my preferment - the dark brooding alpha male. His name is Abel Jimeno, a 21-year old model from Paranaque City [originally from Tabaco, Albay in Bicol Province]. He's no ordinary model-wannabe as Abel Jimeno came from good schools - San Beda High School and Mapua Institute of Technology [taking up Mechanical Engineering]. Born in Saudi Arabia, the 5'9" tall Abel has done ramp shows in between school break. With modeling merely as a part-time job, he is determined to finish his course and be a licensed Mechanical Engineer soon.

Abel Jimeno doesn't look happy in those images above. Nevertheless, he still looks sexy in tiny briefs. Abel Jimeno was first runner-up in the recently-concluded Mr. Sexy Body 2008 sponsored by Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. The 22-year-old Mapua Institute of Technology student [taking up Mechanical Engineering] is also a bikini contest regular. He was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Tabaco, Albay.

I had a dream last night and it was all about 23-year-old half-Swiss male model Raphael Kiefer prancing in his underwear with some gauzy robe, similar to the one pictured above. Waking up, the dream got me thinking why the freak would, of all people, it involve Mr. Kiefer from Cagayan de Oro. And then I recalled that the guy's a practicing pesco-vegetarian. For the past few days, I have been seriously thinking of converting to pescetarianism, a semi-vegetarian diet that includes veggies, fruits and nuts plus fish and invertebrate seafood, and excluding mammals and birds, of course. Now, I think my dream is telling me something....

Anthon Boy

The UP Film Institute is holding move-over screenings for this year's Cinemalaya. One of the movies that will be screened is Cris Pablo's Quickie, starring Andro Morgan and newcomer Topher Baretto. It's the story of a family breadwinner who discovers the joys and thrills of quick sex from chance encounters, as an escape from the harsh realities of life. That is, until one chance encounter deepens into a relationship. Quickie will be shown on August 23 [Saturday] 7.30 pm. Uncut, of course.

Early last year, he was known as Andrew Llanillo, an eighteen-year old upstart, doing bit roles in GMA-7's primetime fantasy soaps. Growing impatient perhaps with his 15 minutes of instant fame, he changed name to Kerk Vincent and went on to pose for the gay rags in all his naked glory. Reverting to his original name, Andro Morgan also won Bar Uno's Mr. Aura, a bikini contest. Soon, thereafter, he was seen in Hataw Superbodies Bikini contest this year and a stint at the T Show, where, of course, he went comfy and got buck-arse naked in publicity photos and onstage.

On an early morning drive to Manila a week ago, I saw a strikingly tall and appealing guy walking along South Super Highway, sweaty in his basketball barangay liga outfit. I recognized him as Andro Morgan, who once appeared butt-naked in the video Masahe M2M. He's been in lots of bikini contests [and won some] and lots of indie movies [and wowed some]. So he is already a veteran in the biz, we can safely say so. Now, he is in a new movie called Quickie [check out the blurb: Mabilis. Masarap. Masakit. Minadaling Pag-Ibig] from Sinehan Digitales and Queeriosity Video Project. The movie, directed by Cris Pablo [Duda, Bilog , Bathhouse, Pitong Dalagita, Moreno] , will have a July 17 preem at the Cinemalaya 2008 and an August 9 Director's Cut screening at the UP Film Center.

Well whadd'ya know, dick-a-day is back! And Andro Morgan is the featured guy. Those who bought the M2M Masahe video are familiar with this 21-year-old guy: he was the one who did the full monty. Prior to that, he was seen in the indie flick, Moreno. Andro Morgan, earlier known by his screen name Kerk Vincent, was a regular in summer bikini opens: Hataw Superbodies 2006, Mr. Aura 2006 of Bar Uno [winner], 5 de Mayo in Cavite, and as first-runner-up in the Mr. Valentino Magazine Coverboy Search. He also appeared in GMA-7 before, in supporting roles for the station's fantasy series.

But of course, you've seen all of Andro Morgan from my previous posts. And then again, I thought I might just post one more photo of the guy in all his glory. Again. He was the only one who didn't have any reservations stripping in the video Masahe M2M, as he did a full frontal. Andro Morgan, a graduate of North Fairview High School, previously appeared as a bit player on tv and first runner-up at the Valentino Magazine Coverboy Search.

This is from one of my drippy-favorite poems by Pablo Neruda, just in time for Valentine's Day. Yes, I believe in the myth of V-Day, if you ask me. And my wish to you all: May you find peace despite your circumstances this Valentine’s Day!

Is Fun To Be With

James Ereza is a familiar face in the bikini pageant circuit. He has practically gone through the A-Z of bikini competitions in the country. The 5'8"-tall cutie was last seen at the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 contest and during the Be Bench: Be Anonymous or Be Famous screening [he was the one who said he wanted to be both famous and anonymous]. His most notable win was as 4th runner-up at the Hataw Superbodies 2007 bikini pageant.

James Ereza placed fourth runner-up in the free-for-all Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open 2007 edition, with eventual winner Kish McBride. Only in its second year, the contest has attracted a wide variety of pageant veterans, model wannabees and even exotic dancers from around the city. During the contest, the bikinis slipped on by the contestants were white, flimsy and somewhat wet. You get the picture.

There is a nice lady manning the CV Magazines booth at Landmark Makati, where you can buy the latest issue of Climax which pays homage to independent movie actors such as Kristofer King, eggs shown above, who starred in breakthrough movies such as Babae sa Breakwater [he was the one who edged out Coco Martin during the casting for the lead], Tirador and the Cannes-movie Serbis, where Kristofer was graphically seen getting oral pleasure inside a mangy moviehouse but which scene was deleted on the cutting room floor for local viewing, and then again, Kristofer King gets to tease and please in this new issue of Climax, which is - back to the nice lady at CV Magazines in Landmark Makati - nicely wrapped in a newspaper, and you'll just have to tell her nicely and she'll give it to you discreetly after you hand over the Php 380, the price I paid for the little magazine, which I'm not scanning, except the photo above, out of respect to the publishers [unlike the twits who scanned most of the photos and posted in their sites] and so that you will have to BUY, BUY, BUY from CV Magazines, too.

Clearly now, Mr. King is the most popular naked guy in the latest issue of Climax magazine. Out of nowhere, these stories - probably similar to those of the raw and biting characters he portrays in the movies - suddenly got the spotlight in the comments pages. Some baaad, some good, some blah, some great. Anyhow, Kristofer King is back for today's entry. To entertain you. And, of course, to remind you to buy the Climax issue.

I'm thinking, the most popular nekkid guy of Climax magazine, Mr. King is the only contemporary Filipino actor who has gone to the prestigious Festival de Cannes twice. First in 2004 for his breakthrough performance in Babae sa Breakwater, and then this year for Serbis. So, it would then be a delight to see this actor on the anniversary show of a bar in Quezon City .... live! Kristofer King will topbill Indie Boys: X-Posed on 3 October [9.30 p.m. Friday] at the Mankind Entertainment Bar on Sct. Ybardolaza St. cor. Timog Ave., Q.C. [in front of President Tower]. Tickets at Php 500 [Call 0923.649.1784, 0920.402.6233 or 467.4088 for more details]. Lots of thanks to you-know-who-you-are for sending the is-that-what-I-think-it-is photo above.

Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of Parola has apparently left showbiz to become an overseas Filipino worker [OFW] in Macau. This confirms earlier reports that cutesy Mr. Chua has gone to Asia's gambling capital to look for greener pastures. Remember the Johnron blabbing about it earlier in one of the posts? All the while, I thought he just went to Macau for a trip. Here's hoping the adorable cub comes back and makes movies and does photo shoots again. Like the one above, of course.

It's Cosmo season once again! Turns out, baller-turned-model-actor Bruce Quebral is one of the guys featured in the top ten bachelors. In his CS3-ed photo for the magazine, Bruce is seen showing tufts of hair in his pubic mound. Now, I'm thinking Bruce has found his regulation pose and angle, i.e., showing off his pubic hair in public. Remember, in the recently-concluded Bench Blackout show, he was also seen lowering his briefs to reveal generous amounts of those kinky little hairs down there. Maybe next time he can lower his briefs more.

Hunky Ram Ace Bautista is wet and wild in whities! Remember Ram Ace, guys? He's the one who made a big fuss recently about his father being a former senator [and action movie hero] from Cavite. The bikini contest veteran, who is originally from Kawit, Cavite is now ensconced [safe, secure and comfy] in a cozy condo somewhere in Mandaluyong City. Which means, we'll be seeing less of him for now...

Don't forget to watch Walang Kawala on November 12, director Joel Lamangan's first indie film starring Polo Ravales and soon-to-be-featured-here Joseph Bitangcol. It is a "story of true love, rape and revenge" and it's a gay, gay movie with some frontal nudity by the man in the photo above. That's Marco Morales, ex-SOP Showboy and multi-talented showbiz guy [he can sing, dance and act well - he does theater too]. Marco, who is Australia born-and-raised, is someone to watch out for then. More photos to come, courtesy of Dinno Erece, main man behind the Manay Po series and showbiz insider-columnist. Thanks Dinno!

And then again, don't you just wish the week's over? Probably have coffee in the comforts of your room? Do a good read and disregard the time? Just like what Ram Ace is doing. Ram Ace, who did the rounds of bikini contests for several years, is inactive these days because he is now settled in Mandaluyong City.

Rump model Ram Ace Bautista is our resident Wednesday guy. This time he is showing off his derriere, for a change. I hope that with the nasty weather in the metro at this time - flooding and traffic notwithstanding, you are all having a nice and quiet time at home. Or maybe a relaxing evening at work.

TGIF! Twenty-one year-old Matthew Belino, who was featured in the gay magazine Frontman a few months back, is our main man for this wonderful Friday! Despite the spicy and suggestive poses he did in the magazine, Matthew Belino is not your run-of-the-mill boy convinced to pose nekkid for peanuts. The 5'8"-tall chap is taking up special flying courses to be a commercial pilot.

Alvin Montano is back! The 24-year-old freelance model [he stand 5'10"] hails from Los Banos, Laguna. Last summer, Alvin traveled to the metro to do the bikini open contests. It was in one of these contests that he was discovered by an independent film producer. He is set to do an indie film with a historical storyline. Alvin is a good friend of Climax guy and indie actor Will Sandejas.

Watch out for twenty-four-year-old Alvin Montano as he sets out in his showbiz career via the bold and daring route. The 5'10"-tall hunk from the City of Los Banos is a familiar face in the bikini circuit, as he has been endowed with a lean and taut bod. Alvin has appeared in the bikini contests around Malate District before. He is set to do an independent digital flick.

This might change your Monday mood. For a while. In a recent study entitled Memories of "Bad" Days Are More Biased Than Memories of "Good" Days: Past Saturdays Vary, But Past Mondays Are Always Blue published by Charles Areni and Mitchell Burger of the University of Sydney, it was found that, on average, people's moods remained about the same throughout the week. Mondays were not as depressing as people thought and Fridays and Saturdays were not as exciting as people predicted. The results, according to the study, demonstrate the memory bias: when thinking back, we tend to recall the worst incidence of an event we've experienced before. Mondays are stereotypically depressing, so we tend to recall the worst Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays are stereotypically exciting so we tend to recall the best Fridays and Saturdays. Consequently, in reality our mood fluctuation over the week might not follow the stereotypical pattern of a steady increase from a low on Monday to a high on Saturday. Instead our weekly average mood profile could be much flatter than we imagine, according to the study.

Okay guys, loong weekend is over! Time to move your ass and work! I know you had a 3-day weekend and I hope it was fun for you. Now that you're having the blues going back to work [or school], maybe I can give you a bit of cheer with this person named Matthew Belino, 411 not available yet. He was listed in the gay rag as a model, which I am skeptical about, since I have not yet seen him model anything. Just the same, he's one hell of a tease this Belino guy, don't you think so?

Twenty-three year-old Athan Collado was recently proclaimed as Man of the Year 2008 at the Music Museum, the same title won by Joseph Kidwell in 2005 and where Ram Ace Bautista placed first-runner-up last year. Next, the 5'9"-tall part-time model will take on the Mr. & Ms. Expo World Philippines pageant next month, against 13 other hopefuls. Will it be another title in Athan's name on October 5?

Make Me Gay

A few years ago, an underwear model by the novel name of Ryan Forbes titillated the bikini-watchers crowd. Tall and tan, Ryan Forbes was also a bikini open contestant, placing runner-up in the 2005 Kouros Male Model Search, along with the re-surfacing Randolph Dungo. Ryan did a couple of indie flicks before disappearing from the limelight. I'm wondering where he is now...

His name is Justine and he's a dancer-entertainer at Manhunt, an all-male theater-bar in Ermita District, Manila. The photo is somewhat dated, probably from early last year, but just the same, it might be of interest to some of the finicky-fussy readers of the site. He looks quite young, cute and chipper, which factors make for one fine Saturday morning visual treat.

This is the cant-get-enough post about 21-year Matthew Belino. Ever since the previous entry about this guy - enigmatic and attractive, there have been lots of requests for more revealing photos. Matthew Belino can only tease and please, but he has no available full monty shots, guys. Besides, let your imagination work - I'm pretty sure there are lots of narratives and statements about him. TGIF!

That's the cheesy line I saw in a shirt somewhere. But really, when will Orlando Sol bloom? Or, when will his career flourish? Advance? It looks like he's pretty much done everything now, but still we don't see much of him in the mainstream consciousness of showbiz. He's a talented kid [sings, dances and acts well - remember, he started out in theater] and he deserves some flash, bam, alakazam in his fledgling showbiz career.

Penis Or Not?

It's Friday again! The end of the work [or school] week for most. And it is definitely worth celebrating that another week had come to a conclusion. I wish you all a wonderful, constructive and restful weekend. Our TGIF post is bubble butt Mark James de la Cerna and a mystery guy who's tall, dark and sexy. Of course, he will be up soon in the site, face included. Enjoy your Friday and the coming weekend!

Hotty Man

Athan Collado is on a winning streak. Last night, he took home the Mr. Expo World Philippines 2008 title, edging out heavy favorites Carl Rosadino, Brian Bernardo and Patrick Perlas. That's strike two for Athan as he recently won the title Man of the Year 2008. He will then go to Guatemala City in November for the international finals. Athan, a DLSU graduate, works for the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila.